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  • Permanent Deckhand - Beaumont, TX

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    Beaumont, TX
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    ***This is a permanent deckhand position. This position will not allow for Tankerman advancement opportunities.***


    Deckhands assist others on the vessel in preparing barges for the loading and discharging of cargos.


    Deckhands build tows by handling lines and cables to tie/untie barges and boats. Deckhands also perform scheduled vessel maintenance for tools and equipment, and perform general housekeeping duties as assigned by their supervisor.



    ***You MUST live within an hour (60 minutes) of Beaumont/Port Arthur area, TX to be eligible for this position***





    Deckhands will adhere to company safety policy and procedures, environmental rules and governmental regulation.


    Deckhands work under the supervision of the Master or designate.


    Basic Functions:

    1. The schedule is 14 days on, 7 days off and you will be required to live on the vessel.
    2. Attaches and removes line and cables to and from the vessel, barges, docks and locks. This involves carrying coiled lines, ratchets, rigging, cables or other equipment from line lockers, deck lockers, or Ability to use fire fighting equipment and spill containment equipment.
    3. Cables to attachment sites, making attachments using manual or power winches to tighten lines or cables, and monitoring and adjusting lines and tension during towing, loading, discharging, locking or docking.
    4. Unties and reties lines 4 to 8 times during loading and discharging in order to adjust for the changing height of the barge, relative to the height of other barges, the dock and the vessel.
    5. Maintains vessel by performing scheduled maintenance and housekeeping such as sweeping, sougeing, chipping rusted metal, priming and painting.
    6. Makes minor repairs such as tightening bolts, replacing fluid and air lines, hanging light bulbs, replacing equipment such as cables, winches, pumps and fan belts.
    7. Uses tools such as hammers, fire axes, ratchets, hand winches, stripping pumps, needle guns and grinders with two hands.


    1. Must have a valid TWIC.

    2. Must have valid driver's license.

    3. Must not have more than two moving violations in three (3) years.

    4. Must have a social security card.

    5. Must have a state-issued birth certificate.

    6. Must be 18 years of age.

    7. Must be a U.S. citizen.

    8. Must be able to read and write English at a ninth grade level.

    9. Must be able to pass drug and alcohol screen.

    10. Must not be color blind.

    11. Must be able to work in inclement weather outdoors (heat and cold).

    12. Must not have a DWI or DUI in the last three (3) years.

    13. Cannot have any criminal charges pending or be on probation.



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